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11 Rowland St, BEACON WA 6472
PH: (08) 9686 1014
FAX: (08) 9686 1064
[email protected] Videoconference:
(08) 9686 1142/39
Web: beaconcrc.com.au

Our Team

Coordinator: Nancy Dease [email protected]
Coordinators: Karley Dunne
and Celine Murray
Chairperson: Michelle Kirby
Sec/Treasurer Jenni Bunce
Vice Pres: Aoife Lancaster ​

Opening Hours

Beacon CRC, Library & Museum
Mon ~ Fri 9am - 4pm
Closed for lunch 12-12:30pm

Mon Tue Wed Fri 9am-3pm
Thurs 9am - 4pm
Closed for lunch 12-12:30pm

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Beacon Central Community Resource Centre

Who is the Beacon crc?

The Beacon Central Community Resource Centre is a not for profit organisation managed by a committee selected by its members. It receives payment from the Department of Regional Development which enables our business to provide the best possible service to our customers. We are supported by community fundraising, Bendigo Bank commissions, fee for service and business partnerships and sponsorships. We are a community focused organization and we commit ourselves to continually improve and develop as a Centre. We would like to grow as an enthusiastic and ambitious community. 
The Beacon CRC has continued to develop and grow since its establishment 23 years ago when it began as a Centre primarily focussed on computer access and basic technologies. We have since evolved to include a variety of communications content and community development services which we aim to further develop.

Our Vision

We aim to be considered a leading community focused organization within our area by committing our business toward the community’s desires and expectations. 

Our History

Beacon Central Community Resource Centre has been established since 1992 and has achieved much over the years.
  • 1992 ~ Establishment of a Telecentre discussed
  • 1994 ~ Community Centre received $100,000 grant towards proposed building
  • 1995 ~ Telecentre funding approved 
    Beacon Community Centre Building completed 30/9/05
    Community donate & lay paving bricks for Centre courtyard. Opening of Community Centre 1/10/95
  • 1998 ~  Plans to extend Community Centre to house Telecentre Landcare Office Local Newspaper Library & Theatre Arts 
  • 2000 ~ Granted funding of $203,500 from the Department of Transport & Regional Services- Rural Transaction Programs
    Granted funding of $99,000 from the Lotteries Commission
    Granted funding of $99,000 by the Department of Local Government & Regional Development
    A financial contribution & donation of land of $23,151 received from the Shire of Mt Marshall
    Granted funding of $5,500 from Telecentre Support Branch for relocation of the Telecentre’s Telecommunications
  • 2003 ~  Building works commenced
  • 2004 ~ The Beacon CRC also know as “Beacon Central” officially opened by the Honorable Mr Wilson Tuckey & the Honorable Mr Kim Chance on 13/3/2004
  • 2008 ~ Beacon Telecentre Bendigo Bank Agency established and opened 28th February 2008
  • 2010 ~  New Community Resource Network established to replace Telecentre Network. Official name change to Beacon Central Community Resource Centre 1/7/2010

What We Do

Access to Government Services

  • Department of Human Services Access Point
  • Free access to all government websites and information
  • Free Public Library 

Economic and Business Development Support

  • Facilitate business development activities
  • Referral services to business development and employment support
  • Marketing support for local small businesses 

Social Development Support

  • Facilitate social development activities 
  • Referral services to social support networks.
  • Provide a social environment where people can come in to unwind 

Services and Products

  • Printing, photocopying, binding, laminating and other general business and office needs.
  • Bendigo Bank Agency
  • Hire of equipment such as projector and/or laptop
  • Videoconferencing
  • Exam Supervision 

Building Community Connections

  • Communication via emails and social media
  • Print and distribute the local newspaper
  • Welcome feedback
  • Produce the Shire Telephone and Address Directory
  • Produce the Beacon 12month calendar which advertises local businesses 

Our Mission

We aim to strengthen the cultural, social and economic well-being of our community through the management of the Centre by providing opportunities for education, training and social interaction and the development of life skills and any other activities consistent with these aims. We are able to focus on this goal and make them a reality by the sources of financial support we receive. 
A strong commitment to this mission statement is evident in the range of services and activities which the Centre will be focusing upon in the next year. We aim to reflect on each activity and course run by the CRC so we can evaluate our relevance and value to the community. 

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11 Rowland St,
WA 6472


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