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Printing, photocopying, binding, laminating, faxing, internet use and any other general office needs are right at your fingertips. Please see the latest price list for individual costs. We also have a small stationery supply for sale of items such as pens, notebooks and files. If there is anything we don’t have, please let us know as we can probably get it ordered in for you.​

Under a contract with the Mukinbudin Community Bank we can process simple banking needs such as deposits, withdrawals, account opening and closing for your Bendigo Bank account.

As there is no ATM in Beacon, we can process your cash out transaction without the need of having to purchase something. However there is a $2 surcharge.

If you’re throwing a private party and need a projector or camera then give us a call. We have laptops, projector, camera, video recorder, E-beam tablet, inflatable movie screen, massage table and coffee machine all for hire. Please see the latest price list for individual costs
If you need to have a private meeting with someone face to face then we can set you up in our conference room.
Murdoch University allow us to provide exam supervision for those students who are home during exam time.
Print your special memories with ease. You can use your smart phone to download the Kodak Memories app and send your photos for print, wirelessly. The app is free and a standard 6×4 print is only .30c. If you don’t have a smart phone then don’t worry because the Print Place will also accept USB thumbdrives and SD cards.
We stock a range of different products throughout the year such homewares items, locally made candles and Beacon souvenirs.

We have a wide selection of brochures and knowledge for tourists travelling through and are always happy to help answer any tricky questions. We also have an extensive Herbarium on the local flora.

We have 3 rooms/venues, Jenni Bunce Conference Room, CWA House, Beacon Town Hall,  which can be used for both small and large scale events. Please give us a call if you would like to use any of these. If you are trying to organize a large event and don’t need the added stress of selling tickets or taking numbers then we can do that for you.
We operate a Toy Library which enables kids to hire a range of toys to use at home. We provide access to this service during office hours and a membership fee of $25 applies each year.
We make it quick and easy to make a copy of keys that you may need. Key tags and coloured keys also available.
We can print your high quality photos to poster size on smooth pearl photo paper or canvas. These can be used to decorate your home or office space.
The town of Beacon is full of history so some volunteers have come together to provide tourists with the Beacon Museum. It has a range of historic articles from pictures to actual items that were used in the wars. There are even pictures of some of our locals as teenagers looking very happy and brave while they fight for their country. The museum is a working progress that will enlarge itself to something huge. Right now, access to the museum is through Beacon Central so it is only open from 9-4, Mon – Fri. Eventually we will be putting in glass walls so the display will be visible from outside for those tourists that come through after hours.
Close the Loop have given us a box to recycle your empty ink cartridges and toners. Throw them in our bin and they will get turned into pens, rulers and even road surfaces!
Stuck in town or travelling through Beacon with a hungry baby? We welcome you inside to nurse your baby in a relaxed and comfortable environment.

Building Community Connections

Join us on Facebook page for the latest information on upcoming workshops and events
Once a week, during the school terms, we print and distribute the local newspaper.
We print and update this once a year so if you change your details then please make sure you let us know so we can update the phone book.
The Beacon calendar is sponsored by local businesses and has photographs of the Beacon area all of which are taken by Beacon residents. This is produced every year and thanks to the sponsoring businesses, each local family gets a copy for free. Extra copies are only $5

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