Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Welcome to Beacon, Western Australia


Beacon Historic Walking Trail

Historic Walking Trail

While you are in Beacon, why not learn a little more about the pioneer settlement of the town. Take a walk around the new historic walking trail and discover some of the history
of Beacon, a typical small wheatbelt town with a rich history.

A total of 2kms walk will take you approximately 1 hour at a leisurely pace.

There are ten information plaques positioned along the trail.

These plaques mark the spot where some historic buildings of yesterday once stood, the plaques are complete with photos and information.

Start at number one on Broadbent street, at the primary school.. but you can follow the trail from any point.

Beacon Historic Trail

Beacon Progress Association Initiative
Sponsored by Mt Marshall Shire


Beacon Railway Barracks were used for accommodation right up until the end of 2018. Many visitors to the town have stayed here. 

The majority of the permanent railway workers and their families lived here. 

The first four cabins were built around 1960, then in 1971 five cabins were moved in from Bonnie Rock.

Beacon is now the end of the rail line.

Primary School
Lindsay St
Post Office
Old Town Hall
Country Club
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