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Welcome to Beacon, Western Australia

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History Book – “Beacon the beginning”

History Book for Sale

The history book “Beacon – the beginning” is a collection of stories about Beacon from the 1920’s to 1950’s. The stories were collected from families of pioneers and edited by Marilyn Dunne. The book was designed and produced by Megan Hele.  It contains 324 pages of stories and photographs depicting life in the early years of the Beacon district. 

Marilyn spent many years collecting and collating the many beautiful photographs to compliment the stories so generously shared by the people and their families.  Marilyn has lived in Beacon for 60 years, having the opportunity as a child to know many of the first wave of pioneers who by the 1950’s and 1960’s in many cases were preparing for retirement. 

Marilyn was fortunate to have known Megan Hele from nearby Mouroubra Station for many years too and so with Megan’s skills in Graphic design and her artistic ability it all came together nicely for them to collaborate to create this wonderful record of the Beacon district.

Books are available through Marilyn Dunne for $40 plus $15 postage and handling. Contact Details for Marilyn:-  Email: or phone 0427 486 605.

They are also available over the counter at the Beacon Visitor Centre in Rowland Street, Beacon, WA, 6472. Phone: (08) 9686 1014

All funds from book sales go to Beacon Progress Association.