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CBH Group Final Series - Preliminary Final Results
24 August 2019

Mukinbudin 11.9(75) defeated Beacon 11.6(72)
Mukinbudin: Jared Beagley 3, Cameron White 2, Tim Sippe 2, Caleb Shadbolt 2, Blake Smith 1, Brodie Fiegert 1
Beacon: Benjamin Kirby 3, Mack Byron-Pendergast 3, Ryan Miguel 2, Justin Boccardo 2, Nicholas Winters 1
Mukinbudin: Riley Sprigg, Gerard Shadbolt, Caleb Shadbolt, Matthew Palm, Brodie Fiegert, Liam Shadbolt
Beacon: Mack Byron-Pendergast, Corey Junk, Alby Munns, Benjamin Kirby, Daniel Munns, Brandon Poole

Congratulations to Mukinbudin on their win today. They will meet Koorda in the CBH Group CWFL Grand
Final next Saturday the 31st August 2019 at Beacon Recreation Complex.

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